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Dear “Brofessionals” and “Brogrammers” and other “Bro-idiots”

As far as I can tell, this is how you see yourselves:

some douchey-looking people in sunglasses

Straight from a "brofessional" site.

I honestly can’t imagine why you would aspire to that. Maybe you think that if you buy some excessively-large sunglasses, pop your collar, gel your hair, and look surly for no reason, then you too can stand next to vacant, surly-looking women in similarly large sunglasses who are paid to stand there and look like that.

Actually, I doubt you put that much thought into it. You probably just got confused about the definition of “cool” somewhere down the line and thought it meant “douchey.” I’d guess somewhere around age 14.

Regardless, the world doesn’t see you that way. Here are just a couple of the ways that the rest of us see you:

Way to go, bro.



I was going to add more, but having spent 5 minutes looking at bro-morons on Google image search, I must now go gouge out my eyeballs. Good day.

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