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So, what’s the Occam’s Panda blog about?

Occam’s Panda is a repository of whatever comes tumbling out of one guy’s head and onto the internet. It includes, but is not limited to, everything.

This is not Occam's Panda, it's just a panda wearing a lab coat and looking thoughtful.

More directly, Occam’s Panda is about the things that interest me. Science, skepticism, health, religion, computery stuff, politics (hopefully not too often), art, music, writing, whatever.

Occam’s Panda is large, it contains multitudes.

Who’s behind all this nonsense?

A 30-something guy named Matt who lives in Massachusetts with his lovely wife, two lovely cats, and a not-all-that-lovely dog. This is his second blog, and he has no intention of telling you what his first one was.

Anything else?

Just that the thoughts and opinions expressed here are to be interpreted as mine alone, and should not be attributed to anyone else that I’m affiliated with, be they family, friends, institutions, or people with the same name.